Caissons Kindle Version Available

Good news, Kindle enthusiasts!  You can now order your Kindle copy of The Sound of Caissons on Amazon. Choose Books on the Amazon page, type in either my name or the name of the book, and it will take you to my page.  There you may select between the paperback and the Kindle version. 

For those who are following my tale as I progress through this self-publishing maze, read on.  Createspace notified me a few days ago that the Kindle formating was complete.  The directions for me to complete the process and select royalty on Amazon became confusing immediately.  When I logged into Amazon, I was presented with a form telling me to upload my file.  I uploaded a JPG of the cover, following directions, then realized I didn’t have a completed interior file to send them!  But, after a call to the Createspace team, I understood that I didn’t need to upload the files myself; they had already done that.  I only needed to make my royalty choices and hit the button to “publish”.  How I wish these directions could always be clear in the beginning!  There should be a different form for those submitting the files themselves, and people like me who paid someone else to do it!