For Serious Readers

There are many ideas and suggestions out there on ways to promote the book you’ve just completed.  I think this may be one of them.

Have you heard of Library Thing (  This is a website for serious readers who want to keep a list of the books they read.  It encourages you to post a review.  After you begin entering titles of books you’ve read, the site matches you up with other readers who read the same books you do.  I stumbled on it last year when I was searching for sites that might help me market my books.  If you’re an author, there are ways this can help you.  Read on.

Basically how it works is that you join (I chose to pay $25 and become a life member, although you don’t have to do this), select a user name (I chose Suztales rather than my name), and you get a little blog type page of your own.  When you read a book you list it, select the appropriate cover from those available based on the book’s various publication dates, and you are then ready to list tags that identify the contents if you wish.  You can peruse other readers’ reviews, write your own and give stars, or not.  Being only vaguely familiar with writing reviews, one of the first ones I submitted brought a stern reprimand from another reader telling me it was a no-no to give away the ending!  Chagrined, I edited my comments and considered it a lesson learned.  I have since entered some 20 titles, some I’ve reviewed and some not.

Although there are many areas of this website that I have yet to investigate, I quickly discovered that as a writer of a traditionally published work, your book can be included in the “Early Reviewers” program.  People sign up to read and are required to review it.  For self-publishers they offer a “Give-away” program that allowed me to offer 5 copies of The Sound of Caissons, and the people chosen to receive the book are requested, but not required, to review it.  I chose to make the offer available for a month, and was astonished to see that over 90 people requested to read my novel.  At the end of the time period I received an email from Library Thing with the names and addresses of the five people they  selected.  I can’t help but think that people interested enough to request a book will surely take the time to review it.  Especially if they have strong feelings about it, one way or the other!  Maybe one of those five people will suggest to their book club that it be their next read.  I can only hope.