About Me

I’ve always been able to say that I’m a writer, but now I can happily say I’m also a published author. I’ll tell you right off that I am self-published, and proud of it.  The old negative label assigned to what has been called ‘vanity publishing’ has faded, thanks to the internet, and many author now produce well-written and edited, attractive books and ebooks.  The cover designs and interiors of my novels have been carefully selected by me, and I have complete control of where, when and how each part of the process happens.  What a marvelous sense of freedom there is in being able to say that!

I’ve been writing fiction for a long time, but it’s only in recent years that I’ve gotten around to publishing my work.  Most of what I write is some form of historical fiction based on a memory or on something from the past that has captured my imagination like the ruin of Francis Lightfoot Lee’s Menokin House, which led to my biographical fiction novel, The Lees of Menokin.  Of course, The Sound of Caissons evolved from a bit more than a single memory, and my experiences as the wife and daughter of career Army officers certainly influenced it, but because it covers the first three-quarters of the 20th century, I would say it’s also historical.  More about that under My Books in the Menu Bar.

Although I’ve lived in thirteen states and in Europe, my husband and I spent 23 years in Virginia’s Northern Neck.  My recollections and love for the region were the inspiration for Turn on No-Bridge Road and the fictional Woodbine Farm.  My work at a private boarding school, where I spent almost a dozen years, many of them as publications director, was a perfect opportunity to hone my writing skills. Writing and editing two magazines and four newsletters every year kept me pretty busy.  That was in the days when desktop publishing was the big thing and, as I learned that skill, I switched to the Mac.  I’ve never regretted leaving the PC behind!

With the constant changes and new terminology that invade our lives almost daily, I’m spending a great deal of time just trying to absorb the skills required to market my books.  Believe me, I’d much rather be getting on with my next novel, a sequel to No-Bridge, which has a working title of The Widow Darling (updated Feb.19, 2014).  There’s really nothing I enjoy more than sitting down at my computer and connecting with my characters.

My other interests include gardening, reading other people’s fiction, knitting, walking and hiking, playing bridge with my buddies, and my two cats Bingo and Olivia.  I always enjoy spending time with my family, especially my many grandchildren, and with my friends.  I’m a golf fan and am glued to the set during PGA season.   I frequently sit with my laptop, checking spelling and sentence structure in my latest chapter.  My favorite golfer is Mickleson, and I’m always intrigued by the new ones coming along.  But I guess I might as well admit it — I’d rather be writing!

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