The Kindle Conundrum

It’s now after the fact and I’ve calmed down.  But I can assure you that last week when a Kindle reader of The Sound of Caissons informed me she was finding many errors in capitalization, I was indeed an unhappy camper!  I have come across many very poorly formatted Kindle books, and certainly didn’t want my novel to be one of them.  Wasn’t that why I had CreateSpace do the formatting for me?

I quickly ordered a copy on my own Kindle and began searching.  Indeed, in the first chapter alone I came across several of the errors. The fact they appeared in the titles of army officers (i.e., captain Brown, major Goodrich) made it even worse!  A quick look in a printed copy showed no such problem.  So, how did this happen?  Let it be said I was furious!  I had paid CreateSpace to format the Kindle version because I wanted it to be done right.

A phone call to the CreateSpace team I had worked with to produce my book brought forth many apologies before my call was transfered to their Kindle arm.  Here, although the poor girl subjected to my unhappy rant remained unable to explain how or why this happened, she assured me it would be corrected.  Take it offline immediately, I said, I don’t want anyone else to order it!  She promised that would be done, and I would receive an email within two days that a corrected version was ready for my review.  Whew!  I sat back wondering once again why a person who just wants to write a book and make it available for others to read has to go through all these stressful situations.  Although it’s hardly original, that old thought, sometimes life is not fair! came to mind, as my blood pressure slowly returned to almost normal.

To my amazement and to the credit of the CreateSpace people, I received that email in less than two days, and after a quick review, I republished the Kindle version and it’s now back online and available on my Amazon page.

A big thank-you to my friend, Gail, who waved the red flag.  I take comfort in her words of warning, “I’ve read a couple hundred books on my Kindle and have never seen so many words that are not capitalized when they should be. Knowing the many hours you spent editing your book, I can only think something happened after it left you.”  Yes, indeed, something happened.  Too bad we’ll probably never know how or why—it seems inconceivable to me that when presented with a completed version, a finished file, such errors could occur.  Someone suggested to me, it’s spellcheck that did it.  But that hardly seems likely, does it, when the error was not consistent?  All the military titles were not in lower case, only some of them.  And some, even one, was too many.

After all the praise I’ve heaped on you, CreateSpace, I now have to say, shame on you!