Trouncing Writer’s Block

The very day I posted my last blog saying I had Writer’s Block, I sat down and began rewriting Part 2 of Turn on No-Bridge Road.  Giving myself that little lecture certainly seems to have started the juices flowing once more.

This may sound strange but during the period of this rewriting, and it was accomplished over a series of days, I got my heroine into trouble much as I’d done before but, this time, I didn’t struggle to get her out of it—I let her find the way on her own!  It’s amazing how well that seems to be working.  Perhaps I’ve found how to get inside her head at last!

I should make clear this novel is by no means finished, although I have actually reached the last page—again.  I’m sure I have several more go-thru’s facing me, but it feels like the plot and the conclusion are now defined.  That is a tremendous relief because a week ago I was staring at an entanglement of five or six characters muddling along stepping on each other’s toes and going nowhere.  Of course you never know, do you, until someone else has a go at it?  I’ll be passing it on to my reader friend before long, always hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst.

Here’s a website you might consider if you, too, need to get ‘unblocked’.  There are plenty of them to choose from, but this is one I found helpful:

In a list of ten suggestions I came across, I thought about this one the longest:

Top 10 tips for overcoming Writer’s Block

10.    Remember Why You Started to Write in the First Place. Look at what you’re writing and why. Are you writing what you love, or what you think you should be writing? The writing that feels most like play will end up delighting you the most, and this is the writing your readers will instinctively connect with. At the end of the day, writing is too hard to do it for anything other than love. If you continue to touch base with the joy you first felt in writing, it will sustain you, not only through your current block, but through whatever the future holds.                Ginny Wiehardt, former guide.