The Widow Darling


Widow Darling - Full Wrap Cover copyIn this sequel to Turn on No-Bridge Road, Claire Darling, a spunky redheaded mother and grandmother is struggling with grief over the death of her beloved Nick when she discovers his secret gambling addiction has left her virtually penniless. Shock morphs into panic as she realizes she could lose Woodbine, her ancestral home, the place she has known and loved since childhood. While visiting a home for seniors to console her mother-in-law, Claire has an inspiration. Why couldn’t she build and operate such a place on Woodbine’s forested acres? Soon, convinced this enterprise can save her from bankruptcy, Claire begins a personal crusade to persuade family and friends of the need for such a service in Devon County. Trouble begins, however, when she takes her plea for financial help to Steven Steeples, the wealthy D.C. developer who lives in a small subdivision on what was once part of the Woodbine estate. Can she convince this man she has successfully avoided for twelve years to partner with her? What, she wonders, will he expect in return?

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