A Novel Makes a Great Christmas Gift

The Widow Darling, a novel, has been written, edited and re-edited—the interior file is formatted and the cover is ready to go and I love it.  I’m excited, right?  Well, yes, I am excited and also relieved to have come this far.  I hope you’ll consider giving a copy of this sequel to Turn on No-Bridge Road as a gift this Christmas.  You could read it first, then wrap it up in some beautiful paper and, as they say—gift it!  Or buy both books and give them together as a special gift.

The above leads me to confess that this is the beginning of my next step—the marketing.  For me, it is the most irksome and annoying, truly boring part of the publishing process.  You can spend days, weeks, and on into months doing this!   I’m guessing I won’t last that long but once again, I’ll give it a good try.  So, here I am asking you to buy a copy of my newest novel, or perhaps one of the three previous ones, and give it to someone you love as a Christmas gift.  And if you do choose to read it first, please take a few minutes to post a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

October 25th is the launch date for Widow Darling.  That means the title will be available in print and ebook formats on-line at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookbaby, and many other online booksellers.  You will be able to order copies on this website, in your favorite bookstore, or by contacting me at suzanne.semsch@gmail.com for an autographed copy.

As part of my marketing plan I will beef up my page on LibraryThing, Goodreads, and Facebook; send frequent tweets drawing attention to the date; maybe I’ll schedule a giveaway in an attempt to get more reviews (Goodreads suggests this, as well as an “ask the author” event).  See what I mean?  Does this sound like fun to you?

Well, that’s just part of what comes after the real fun, which is the writing of the novel—whether published traditionally or self-published—an author is faced with marketing his/her own work.  Please wish me luck, and consider buying a copy of The Widow Darling, perhaps as a Christmas gift this year.  Even though it’s a sequel, it stands very well alone.