The Launch of The Widow Darling

I didn’t make the deadline I set for myself to launch The Widow Darling!  October 25th came and went.  I have regretted this with every passing day.  The novel was finished, the story put to paper.  It has a beginning and an end.  But it’s not going anywhere until I make it available in print for others to (hopefully) enjoy.  If you read my blog, you no doubt remember I was saying the same thing a couple of months back.

The job of launching The Widow Darling has been put off for far too long, my friend, I daily reminded myself before getting bogged down in other things that seemed more demanding like  packing, unpacking and getting settled in my new apartment.  Well, I’ve milked that excuse for all it’s worth and it’s time to move on.  I am now very happily settled.  No more excuses.  It is time to make this title ready to market I told myself before sleep last night.

So, this is the day I begin.  Don’t let anyone tell you that the launch of a book is not stressful, even painful.  If you are self-published, you are out there on your own —most likely just floundering around in all these self-help articles and seminars that are constantly appearing on your email site.  They make it sound so easy.  Believe me, there’s nothing easy about it!

My completed file including cover design went to Createspace six weeks ago.  I was sent  a lovely proof copy, which appears to have only one very small problem.  It is on the back cover —very visible.  One letter in the novel’s description appears partially in white, rather than black as the rest of the text.  So my first step this morning was to contact the helpful folks at Createspace, only to learn that the error apparently occurred when I saved the jpg file from the cover designer as a required pdf file before exporting it to Createspace.

Getting that straightened out took an hour or so, but at least I’m off and running!  I will await another proof copy to assure that all is well, approve the printing, set the price, choose the distribution channels, and announce the launch.  This afternoon I will arrange for the conversion of epub and imobi files and add the title to my Bookbaby account.  I may even start work on the media kit, create a bookmark and a sales sheet advertising The Widow Darling, my sequel to Turn on No-Bridge Road.   Hopefully it will all still be done in time to make a great Christmas gift.

P.S.  I will be participating on December 5th in a Christmas gift sale at a local retirement community where I’ll have copies of my four novels available.


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One thought on “The Launch of The Widow Darling

  1. I hope all goes well, Sue. Looking forward to another good read, and really interested to see the cover design, you always pick attractive, enticing ones.

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