Clearing the Cobwebs

Evening primrose flanks white azalea along the garden path

As a writer of fiction there are times when I need to step away from my work, to revive myself, to motivate my vibes.  I suspect anyone who sits at a desk all day knows exactly what I’m talking about.  We each have different ways of clearing our heads, and it’s important that we do this.  For some it may be an hour in the gym or a quick game of tennis, perhaps a brisk walk.  For me the best motivator is usually a few hours spent working in my garden and yard.  Nothing is more peaceful or relaxing.  While I pull weeds, deadhead some blooms, or transplant a few things, I can let my mind wander.  If it’s winter I tend to my indoor plants, which now include some orchids; not quite as stimulating but rewarding nonetheless.    Sometimes I think about a dialogue between two characters or a chapter opening that needs a boost.  Or there is that tricky sentence I stumble over each time I read it—what can I do to fix it?  It can be easier to come up with a fresh idea when you are not staring at the computer screen.  I love letting these thoughts and ideas flow around my head at the same time I’m enjoying the tranquility and natural beauty of my own backyard.  It doesn’t even matter if I come in with a backache.  I almost always finish with a fresh approach and an eagerness to return to my desk.  Keeping my flowers blooming and shrubs watered and trimmed is a physical exercise at the same time it provides a boost to my creative vibes.  I strongly recommend it.

Azaleas in springtime outside the front door