Another Milestone Reached

I have finally approved the interior file for The Sound of Caissons!  If you’re an author, no matter how you were published, you understand what a relief it is to reach one of these milestones.  There are many milestones along the route to seeing your precious book in print and, for me, this was certainly one of them.  As I am publishing with the help of Amazon’s CreateSpace, it means that in a few days UPS will drop off two physical proof copies of my novel.

Because I want everything to be as perfect as possible, I’ll see that one copy gets to my  editor pronto, and we’ll both spend the next couple of days checking for anything that might be amiss.  We won’t be reading every word again like we did on the print-out I made of the interior file my project team sent a few weeks back, but we’ll be looking to make sure everything transfered from digital file to printed word without error.  Then, if all is well, I’ll approve the proof and the book will be ready for sale!

But wait!  I have a choice to make—I can hold the okay to the various sales channels I have chosen—or I can start the print-on-demand process.  Why would I delay?  Well, I’ll delay because the novel will be on its way to Kirkus Discoveries to be reviewed.  This process takes several weeks, but I’m pretty confident the review they send back will make me happy, so I’ve decided to wait so that review can be inserted on the first page of The Sound of Caissons.  I believe this review will go a long way to helping me sell my book.

Another reason I’ll wait is because my request to Henry Holt publishers has yet to be answered.  It’s important to me to use a particular poem in the front pages of this novel, and I now understand it can sometimes be difficult to obtain this permission.  I have learned that if you know you want to use a poem, a quote, line of a song, etc. you should request permission early in the game, not when you’re ready to publish!  I followed this advice with my cover photo, but procrastinated on the other.

My final milestone, that of sending my book out into the world is yet to come.  So for now, I’ll have to be content with what I’ve accomplished so far.  And that is quite a bit.