A New Year

Yesterday I awoke to a lovely morning, sun shining, a brand-new year, a new day.  Who could ask for more?  Well, even more came my way soon thereafter.  What can cheer up an author with a new novel out there more than anything?  Yes, you probably guessed it—someone rushed up to me after church and the following conversation took place.

  • Friend:  I finished your book (The Sound of Caissons), and I loved it!
  • Me:  Wonderful!  Thank you.
  • Friend:  You know when I really got hooked?
  • Me:  No, when? (thinking you’re supposed to hook them in first 5 pages, i.e. The First Five Pages: a writer’s guide to staying out of the rejection pile by Noah Lukeman)
  • Friend:  When Scary Harry was in the hospital.
  • Me:  Oh, my gosh, really?  (I checked later, not too bad, that was only on page 69.)
  • Friend:  I got so attached to the characters I wanted it to go on.  What an ending!
  • Me:  It’s already over 500 pages.
  • Friend:  It was just such a great story!
  • Me:  Thank you, thank you—you made my day!

 And indeed she did improve on what was already a fine day.  I’ve always thought the first day of a new year seemed filled with promise: new beginnings, new challenges to be met and, although I shy away from new year’s resolutions as such, I always look forward to whatever is ahead.  For me professionally, I hope it will be the completion of my third novel, Turn on No-bridge Road (I may change the title), good sales of my newest novel The Sound of Caissons, and continued sales of my first novel The Lees of Menokin.  Personally, I hope all my family, my friends and acquaintances will enjoy good health and happiness in the new year.  Stay safe everybody!  



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