The Widow Darling

My latest title, The Widow Darling, will soon be available on Amazon by clicking on the buy button on this website. Below is a brief description of the story which is a sequel to Turn on No-Bridge Road. Watch for a longer synopsis soon to learn more of what’s in store for Claire.

A widow at age sixty-one, known for her spunky nature and glossy red hair, Claire Darling faces a grim future.  She is shocked to learn she is on the brink of losing her ancestral home on Virginia’s Rappahannock River.  An apologetic note from her beloved Nick reveals the secret gambling addiction which led him to remortgage Woodbine Farm with Steven Steeples, a wealthy suburbanite and D.C. developer, as co-signer. The same Mr. Steeples who, a dozen years previously, signed a deal with Nick, over Claire’s objections, to become owner of half of Woodbine’s 400 acres. In her haste to reclaim what is hers, Claire dreams up an unlikely plan. She will build and operate a senior living community on her land. Skeptical family members do not deter her. Calling her vision Woodbine Village, Claire plunges ahead, convinced this can save her from bankruptcy. It means, however, she must face the bewitching purple-blue eyes and cheeky grin of Steven Steeples, something she has successfully avoided for twelve years. Only Steven has the wherewithal to turn her vision into a reality. Will The Widow Darling see her plan to avoid bankruptcy succeed?  And what affect will Steven Steeples have on the outcome?

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